Working since 01.01.1998. armed with 30 years of experience. 
D.o.o. "Starter" as a specialized winding service, repairs aggregates (starters, alternators, dynamos, hydraulic pump motors, windscreen cleaner motors, heating and ventilating system motors etc.) and produces single or small series of commutators for DC motors. 
"Starter" functions as service (subcontractor) to services of higher levels. 
The employer (service of higher level) after the defecation hands over the defected part, mostly rotors and stators to "Starter".After receiving the defected parts, they are taken into work.In the domain of starters are all the more known producers motors (Valero, Paris-Rome, Ducelier, Delco-Remmy, Bosch, Iskra etc.), regardless to the program of the vehicle on witch it is used on. We keep a large stock of repaired starter and alternator rotors and stators of various types of vehicles.Beside of the mentioned, we are ready to repair bigger (up to 100kW)AC and DC motors as well as generators.We have cooperation's with foreign firms for paid works, in witch case, the foreign partner supplies the parts needed for the work. Free capacities are available in this field

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